Individual Sessions

I’m practical. I want you to feel restored and balanced as soon as possible. Here’s what I’ve discovered about leading a balanced life:

Your body wantsto do joyful work;

Your energy wantsto freely move;

Your emotions wantto express;

Your intuition wantsstillness and space;

Your spirit wantsconnection.

And all of these want to be in balance.

Initial Consult

Where do we start? We assess in two ways. First, using the framework of Ayurveda, I observe and ask questions, documenting where you’re at – your appetite, diet, sleep, symptoms, routines, bowel and urinary habits, exercise, medications, family life, work life, spiritual life. The conversation is thorough and unrushed; this alone may bring awarenesses that support you. I’ll also get clues from your skin, nails, and tongue.

We’ll also assess by tapping into the deep wisdom you hold in your body. I’ll guide you through a meditation where you check in with your body, breath, emotions, wisdom, and spirit. By placing your attention on each of these layers of your being, you will begin to discern their needs. Then, as one of my esteemed teachers, Donna Farhi says, you ask those needs to make a tidy line in priority order so we know where to start.

If you want something to change, you have to change something. Ayurveda and yoga have vast toolboxes that address body, mind, and spirit from multiple angles, and it is our will to make a positive shift in our lives that potentizes these tools. While our assessment will drive the specific treatment and its timing, here are some initial keys to help ease stress that is accompanied by dryness, cold, shakiness, and lightness:

  • daily massage with anxiety-reducing oils
  • eating more ghee/fats/dairy/meat
  • eating sweet (like sweet potato, not Reese’s peanut butter cup) and salty food
  • herbs such as dashamUla, balA, ashwagandhA
  • napping during the day and sleeping with a weighted blanket
  • minimizing travel
  • sticking with a regular routine
  • practicing grounding yoga asanas
  • humming, chanting, mantra
  • nadi shodana breathing
  • body-scan meditation
  • making mental habits conscious and repatterning these habits
  • consciously choosing what media to receive into your mind
  • being generous with no expectation of return

Ongoing Healing

As you implement changes and observe their effects, your needs will change. We’ll observe, document, track, adjust.

Initial consultation: 90 min Sliding scale: $80-$120*

Ongoing Consults: 30 min $25-$40; 60 min $50-$80

*Everything, including payment, offers an opportunity for self-awareness. If, for example, you tend to be frugal and that makes you feel cheery, pay at the lower end. If you tend to be generous and that feels life-giving to you, pay at the higher end. If you tend to be frugal but find that leaves you fearful and tight, experiment with paying more. If you tend to be generous, but it comes from a place of guilt or obligation, see how it feels to pay less!